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Our Clients Say

Susan T at the beach in Galveston, TX
"Maureen was my travel companion on my recent beach trip, and she exceeded my expectations! I am partially disabled , and I need a rollater and cane. I also recently had to start using supplemental oxygen, which to me felt like such a burden that I didn't even want the hassle of travel.

Maureen was so positive and encouraging that I felt maybe I could do a short beach trip, and she helped me to not feel self conscious about my weight or disabilities. She handled my oxygen tanks (big and small, plus a concentrator), got everything sorted out during the car trip and at the condo so I didn't have to worry, and helped me roll over a boardwalk and onto the beach! It was glorious! 

Later, Maureen helped me navigate the hot tub, which I was very unsure about, but I ended up having the best time! Not only is she an excellent nurse who can easily navigate meds, DME, mobility safety and special diets, but she is also a seasoned world traveler. Her enthusiastic and joyous energy, loving kindness and skill set make her an excellent travel companion!"

Susan T, Client

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